Badger Grips


We here at Badger Grips want to grow the gaming community and our company. We believe that a good way to do that is through sponsorships. There are many different sponsorships but we think that a good one to start with is a progressive sponsorship. If approved for a sponsorship you will be given your desired code if available. Your code will offer 10% off when used. For each purchase your code is used you will receive a point.

5 points: a free pair of Badger Grips of your choosing

10 Points: 2 free pairs of Badger grips of your choosing

15 points: 4 free pairs for you or your team. or upgraded to a 20% off code

20 points: A full funded sponsorship. We will contact you if you receive 20 points and discuss terms of sponsorship.

Contact us to see your current point count. Use this link to get our intro http://tinyurl.com/k5zfh9q

Fill our form below or click here we retain the right to end a sponsorship if we see fit